That moment you hear the last bell ring in School

You know that moment when you hear the last bell ring in school.
When you spot the roof of your house after a long day.
When you drop the last pen for the semester.
That very moment when you hear the clergy say "let's share the Grace".
 After spending the holidays in your uncle's glamorous house, you can't still wait to sleep on your tattered mat.
When you can't just wait to you walk through the airport's terminal and wave down a taxi.
That moment you can't wait to relieve your hurting legs,
And displace that "god-forsaken" tie.
When you can't wait to off that wig and wash off that makeup
You have your longest sigh in that moment,
And a weary smile.
That's the moment!!
When you know you are finally going home again,
Because There is no place like home.

✍🏾 da_penholder

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