Amazing wonders of Ado-Awaye, Oyo state

Have you ever heard about a place named "Ado-Awaye" ,does it ring a bell to you anytime you hear people talking about the place? Or if not would you like to know the fascinating things about Ado-Awaye?

Where is Ado-Awaye?

Ado-Awaye is got it's name from the two sister communities surrounding the mountain "Ado" and "Awaye".It is 20km west to Iseyin , Iseyin local government area of Oyo state . Coming from Ibadan it's about 1 hour 54mins to Ado-Awaye.
Ado-Awaye is a town in oke-ogun area of Oyo state.
The mystery hills of Ado-Awaye said to be home to second hanging lake in the world. The other hanging lake is in Colorado State in the United states of America which means the lake is present in only two places in the entire world Ado-Awaye, Oyo state, Nigeria and Colorado State in United States of America.Isn't it wonderful?
Unlike it's peer in the state of Colorado that has registered as a tourists destinations decades ago, Nigeria's hanging lake is still little known beyond Oyo state.
 Colorado handing lake was named a National Natural Landmark in 2011. Since then it has become a popular Colorado tourist destination with over 100,000 visitors per year.
It was based on this Africanblogspot thought of redeeming Nigerian heritage , thereby making everyone aware about the beautiful tourist attraction Nigeria is blessed with.
It might not have received the kind of attention it deserves as a tourists destinations , Iyake lake has steadily been turning crowds to the small town of Ado-Awaye. From the slopes to the hills surrounding the town located in the outskirts of Iseyin. Another popular town in Oke-ogun. The terrain is a sight to behold.

The road that leads to Ado-Awaye in Ibadan is Moniya-ijaye road, the route leads you straight to Iseyin , when you arrive at Oja-oba in Iseyin , take the bend beside the mosque and keep moving till you sight the gigantic Ado-Awaye hill, after Iwawon community.
Apart from Iyake lake, which is one of the major attractions on the Ado-Awaye hill, there are also other wonders existing on the hill.

The lake is bottomless and has swallowed many people who attempted to measure it's depth.
It takes about an hour to reach the peak of the rock where the lake rests. The water in the lake has maintained the same greenish colour and same level several years. No one knows the depth and it's obviously not much has been done to offer scientific explanation as the origin of the lake.
There is a staircase of about 365 steps starts the journey to the mountain before tourists are left to do hiking where the steps end to get to their destination.

Hiking the hill of Adoawaye with the several man-made steps is not easy.
After climbing the first half of the steps , we are welcomed to the hill by this big rock, called Ishage Rock. It is a large rock in an oval shape , balanced and standing upright on one of it's small edges , the rock has maintained it's mystery state to the people of Adoawaye and entire environment as it refused to fall or change from it's current position. Also whenever there is drought in the town the priest would go to the rock offer sacrifices and rain begins to fall .

Also when you leave the Ishage Rock behind and continue your journey to see the Iyake lake, you will climb some steps ahead, pass through a little bush path , then find yourself walking the Rocky hill till you arrive at the hanging lake.
Just close to the Iyake lake is a small hole covered with sticks , the hole us referred to as "Agbomofunyake" (one that gives a child to Iyake). Whoever putts his legs into this hole will find himself drowning in the lake.

Ese awon Agba (footprints of the elders) is also a defining attraction of the Ado-Awaye hill. They are large footprints that are visible in some parts of the hills. It is believed that the ancestors once lived on the hill and the footprints belonged to them.

 While admiring the footprint of the elders, a pleasing eye-sight of the elephant tree , a little distance away from the hanging lake, it is actually a natural design of a tree that takes the shape of an elephant during formation it was also believed to have dropped from the sky.

 Also if you think you are bold and courageous , you night want to dare the path called "Ese kan Iku" (a path of death) this is a wide yet sloppy area of the hill that separates one part from the other.
The tour serves as a way to see life and values differently , Adoawaye is a community rich in cultural values and tradition.

The hanging or suspended lake and other attractions on the hill which few as been mentioned if we'll harnessed can usher in development and other positive potentials into the community and Oyo state at large
It could also serve as a source of revenue and also provide employment opportunity as workers would be deployed to this site of government at the federal and state levels enable proper management of this Tourist state.
If you are thinking of visiting Adoawaye it's not a place to show off how you can carry 6 inches heels it's better to put on a very comfortable and  footwear that has a firm grip and also a comfortable cloth that would get torn or bring you heat or cold depending on the weather also a very small portable waist purse or small backpack would be good too for your phone and bottle of water instead of carrying a big bag.
Also your Trip organiser would make all things available depending on the amount paid for the trip to make necessary arrangements.
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