What is shadow ban ? And how to be removed from shadow ban

Shadowban basically means your post is hidden from Instagram users who aren't following you,
So basically only your followers get to see your posts.
Then there is the IG algorithm ,If you have 3000 followers,  means only 250+ get to see your post If you're shadow banned 7% of your followers ,Its a terrible place to be especially if you are on a business account.
You most likely get shadow banned when you use third party applications, Buying of fake likes ,Fake followers and many more. You will see some non celebrities with 1000 likes in 10 minutes, how is that possible?
There's also a limit to which you can engage Engagement is equal to  likes and comments,When you engage too much you will get blocked
Also if your account gets reported a lot,  you will get banned.
Also if you're using an hashtag that has been reported as abusive on instagram,You will get banned
 if you engage by liking and commenting on accounts you're not following, it leads to being banned.
The Best shaow ban check is to get accounts not following you about 10 Pick a new random hashtag that's never been used.
Make a post with the hashtag and tell your friends to check the hashtag, If its not visible  then you've been banned.
Remember those to check mustn't be following you

So basically  for those that are shadow banned, we all have to  follow people back
Now How to come out of the Shadow ban
 When you are shadow banned,  means theres an "eye" on you.
Best way basically when youre being tracked by someone or in this case "something" = instagram.  Go Lowkey, You can decide to post only once in two days or even decide not to post in one week.  Depends on how much it'll affect your business ,
Basically,  just go on the low!
 There's some people who have a couple of  hashtags they just copy and paste on every post.
Most times when you're shadow banned,  means one of those hastags is having an issue.  Most likely abusive.
So delete hashtags from recent posts, You might just go off shadow ban immediately you delete it and it works for me alot
Avoid using many hash tags if you most post when shadow banned.
 If youre shadow banned
Don't use many hash tags, Use a maximum of 3 if you have to use at all, Avoid hashtags for a while
If you are a business account and youre shadow banned,  switch to a personal account
Finally,  just report to instagram,Use the "report a problem feature "

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